I was diagnosed with 4 tumors inside my stomach last May

I was diagnosed with 4 tumors inside my stomach last May

Postby suzannab » Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:18 pm

I have written about what happened to me in couple of online community sites because I thought, and hoped,
that what I have gone through in the last 10 months would help others. I decided to write my story here
as well and I believe, it is probably most befitting.

After being diagnosed with 4 tumors in stomach, I agreed to 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 weeks apart - back in
May 2012. The first chemotherapy, a few weeks later, was painful and left me not able to move out of bed for 3 days.

The second, 2 weeks later, was even more painful and kept me in bed filled with agony and fear for a whole week.

After that I decided to stop chemo treatment against the advice of my personal doctor and the oncologist
They both suggested that I must continue. I had decided that death is less painful that the pain that I
was being subjected to. I did not want to live if I had to go through that much pain.

Once my decision was made, a friend recommended that I speak to a person that is into nutritional healing.
I had nothing to lose so I called this person who was very gracious and helpful, again and again, instructing
me on what kind of diet fights off cancer cells. We spent hours talking on the phone and everything he
said seemed logical to me.

From July until about September I believe, he put me on a diet of greens and low-sugar fruits and some nuts,
and lots of gojiberries, blueberries, cacao beans, and lots and lots of broccoli, celery, cinnamon, and
anything with lots of vitamin C. He said all of this would make my body with stronger immune system to fight off
cancer and most of these are anti-oxidant that deprive cancer cell the means to grow.

My body became stronger and stronger although I still felt that the tumors were still there at the pit of
my stomach.

The same person who had helped my body to improve its energy level and build up a stronger immune system
suggested that I try Colloidal Platinum.

I think it was some time in September when I started taking Colloidal Platinum and some Colloidal Iridium. After
3 months I felt much better and felt that the 4 tumors were getting smaller. But my doctor thought that
I am losing my mind and told me that there is no way that I would know or feel that the Colloidal Platinum
would make any difference that I may be able to feel. Basically, he talked to me as if I was crazy.

I insisted that I feel that the tumors may be getting smaller - I adamantly made my point. But he looked at
me as if I had lost my mind under the pressure of health issues.

I asked and then demanded a CAT SCAN. This was just before Christmas, so about 3 months after taking Colloidal
Platinum. After the first SCAN, my doctor arranged for a second SCAN since he thought that the first SCAN may
have been wrong.

The results were sent to my doctor and I went to his office.

He looked through pages and pages and read through all the results of the SCAN and the notes of the oncologist,
and turned to me and said that the scan cannot show 3 of the tumors, and the 4th one which was the biggest,
is not filled with fluid instead of solid. He also suggested that since it is fluid, they can now do a surgery
and empty the fluid.

I don't know medical stuff. I just know what I feel and my own conclusions based on all the meetings I have
had with my doctor and the ocologist. Colloidal Platinum worked for me. These things along with a good diet
of fresh organic vegetables and low-glycemic fruits have helped my body recover from 4 tumors.

I wish, and I pray everday, that our government or medical people or somebody in this country would tell people
the truth about alternatives to chemotherapy. Everyday I am feeling better and better, stronger and stronger.

8 months ago standing up was painful. These days I swim in our apartment pool for over an hour, 3 times a week
and I walk about 2 miles a day.

I just wished other people would read and know that there may be an alternative to chemo. I am not a
doctor. I don't know if this works for everybody, and I don't know how it works but I know that it has worked for me.

Everything I have written above is the truth. Nobody paid me to write this. The person who helped me to recover
asked me to share my story so may be more people can recover without painful chemo.

I don't even know if this works for every kind of tumor. I don't know anything about medical stuff. I just
know colloidal Platinum saved my life and allowed me to live, so far, without pain and without chemo with dignity
and a good quality of life. The brand I tried these past 4 months were from Purestcolloids.com .

That's my story. It is the truth. Take from it, whatever you may.

May god bless you with health and happiness.

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Re: I was diagnosed with 4 tumors inside my stomach last May

Postby DrMike » Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:08 pm

Hi Suzanna,

Praise the Lord and thank you so much for sharing your story. There are some amazing products out there and the colloidal products are among them.

You stated, "I wish, and I pray everday, that our government or medical people or somebody in this country would tell people
the truth about alternatives to chemotherapy." That's exactly what I do! I am vehemently against most chemotherapy treatments and write a monthly newsletter. I've written several regarding the dangers of chemotherapy and effective alternative diets and treatments.

There are many of us out there and we're starting to convince many people. Unfortunately the medical profession is very powerful and most people are sheep. All we can do is give them the truth and let people decide for themselves!


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