Infection Gone!


Postby Annabelle » Tue Mar 02, 2010 2:44 pm

I discovered the miraculous world of Colloidal Silver, through a UTI I suffered several years ago. It was a nightmare, as anyone who has had one knows. I'd never had one before and it went on for well over two months. A naturopath prescribed natural remedies, and when those didn't work, an antibiotic (which co-incidentally, she prescribed the wrong one for my particular strain of bacteria, before she got the lab results back showing her which strain I had. I saw my lab report and had researched UTIs enough by then, to know that "my" strain was "anti-biotic resistant" to the one I was prescribed). So now, not only did I still have a monster of an infection ruling my entire world, I now was dealing with depletion from the antibiotics, which completely messed my system up. Exhausting and depressing and painful.

In desperation I googled everything I could on UTI remedies, and came across info on Colloidal Silver, which I'd not heard of until then. Researching it I found a company in NJ, that presented information I connected with, and helped me cut through all the bad press I was reading, as well as the success stories. I took a chance, and ordered a bottle to be express shipped to me. Within hours of feeding it to my poor sad self, I felt the symptoms lifting. I took regular doses and within 36 hours, the symptoms that had been ruling my life, were dramatically reduced even more. If I remember correctly, I was completely cured WELL within 48- 72 hours, and my energy bounced back pretty dramatically. I never want to be without Silver Colloidal, EVER!
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Re: Infection Gone!

Postby sindyciaray » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:19 am

I want to share this with anyone who is searching for answers. PhenQ Reviews
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