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John Gerber
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Vincentown, New Jersey

For the past 35 years I have suffered serious skin issues. My hands and my feet have been feeling burning sensations, gone through infection, been blistered, cracked, peeling, and extremely painful throughout most of my entire life. These infections would come in waves around every season change. My feet would breakout severely with blisters, swelling, burning sensations. I have been to numerous doctors and specialist over the past 25 years. Some doctors said I had skin cancer and others would say I would have pustular psoriasis, egsima, cellulitis, etc. I have gone on and off many creams, prescriptions, and antibiotics; none of which seemed to do any permanent fix. After discovering Mesosilver and Mesocopper I have seen a drastic difference in my skins appearance, texture, and durability without damaging my immune system with antibiotics. I would defiantly recommend this product, as well of as all of the Colloidal products, to anyone seeking alternative measures to restore health to their well being.
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