No longer sick!!

No longer sick!!

Postby ilovesilver » Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:21 pm

I have been taking MesoSilver and Gold for a year and a half, and the results I get from them are phenomenal!! I used to get sick ALL the time, but with the silver, I didn't get sick at all. I also find the gold makes me positive, energetic and mentally sharp. The real test was I stopped taking the silver after an illness-free year being on it, and as soon as I stopped taking the silver, I got sick. Glandular fever. I've been back on the silver, and I am healthy once more! My immune system is inadequate, and it's undeniable that the silver keeps me healthy! I also stopped the gold for a while, but once I found myself getting tired and depressed, I went back on the gold, and all is well again!! I can't thank you enough for these products. They've changed my life. :D
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