Badly infected toes successfully treated with silver

Badly infected toes successfully treated with silver

Postby Kimchiman » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:15 pm

I'm very excited about my colloidal silver experiment! It will be hard to keep this post short, but I'll try.

A few months back, in mid-December, I was diagnosed with type II diabetes.

Early in January of this (2007) year, I was being trained for a part-time job driving garbage trucks on the weekends. This job entails pushing big square garbage cans in front of the truck in order to pick them up with forks on the front of the truck. Well, I had not anticipated 'garbage juice' several inches deep at some of the places where the cans were sitting. I was wearing running shoes (I know, 'bad idea'), and ended up getting my feet wet with some of the garbage water that was at one of the calls. I briefly thought 'not good', but then got on with the job at hand.

Well, the very next day, all of my toes, except for the 'pinkies', were very sore and inflamed. I was shocked! So I tried applying oil of oregano, rubbing alcohol, and polysporin, all to no avail. I went to the doctor, and he prescribed seven days of antibiotics, which seemed to work very well to rapidly clear up the infection, except that the course was too short, and the infection was not completely knocked out by the time I used up the pills. So I went back, and asked for another prescription, and wouldn't you know it, he just prescribed another seven day course. Well, after the first prescription ran out, but before I received the second one, the infection came back VERY QUICKLY! And the second course was much less effective than the first. So I got a third prescription, of a different antibiotic, and ended up not much better off. It seemed that over a matter of only a few weeks, the antibiotics had already become largely ineffective, to the point that they could not really clear up the infection, but were only barely holding it at bay. In the meantime, I could feel it spreading internally up one of my toes and into the bottom of one of my feet, and the last joint on this toe was so sore and stiff that I could not bend it. If I even lightly bumped a toe against something, the pain was very bad.

So I went bad to tell the doctor that the antibiotics did not seem to be doing the job. This time he prescribed and oral antifungal (just in case it was a fungus), and a topical antibiotic (Fucidin H). This seemed to work a bit better than the oral antibiotics I had been taking, but it still was not clearing it up completely.

Now to the colloidal silver part:

I have a friend who gets the ionic home brewed colloidal silver from a friend of his for free. It's the pale yellow stuff. Anyway, he swears by it, and claims that he hasn't had so much as a cold since he's been taking it for a year or two. He gave me a large coffee jar of it to try. So try I did.

I took it for over a week (this was about two weeks before I started on the topical antibiotic), and basically had no results from it whatsoever, as far as I can tell (I learned later from various web sites that it gets turned into silver chloride in the stomach, and largely becomes unusable by the body at this point - and I should mention that my friend takes it sub-ligually)

After a week (and right about when I had learned about ionic versus metallic silver comparisons and pros and cons, etc), I got the idea that I would try putting some of it in a foot bath/tub, and let my toes soak in it for an hour or more, after first having a shower. I found that from this procedure I did get some benefit. It still did not clear up the infection, but I did notice that the infection was much less painful after soaking for an hour, and even the toe with the infected joint was not as bad. But let me make it clear that the infection still was not resolving.

While I was trying my friends ionic silver, I ordered the metallic kind from a couple of companies over the internet (purest colloids, and utopia silver). I still have not received the Utopia Silver, so I can't comment on it, but I did receive the other one, which is marketed as 'Meso Silver'.

My shipment of four 250 ml bottles arrived last Thursday (a week ago). And I immediately started drinking it straight from the bottle as soon as I picked it up from the post office. After a week, I've gone through about one bottle. I usually drink it three to five times a day, and would estimate that I am ingesting somewhere between a teaspoon to a tablespoon each time.

Now to the good part! And I am not kidding here when I tell you this: My toe infection is almost completely cleared up! I say 'almost', because I want to be cautious here. I suspect some of whatever germs caused the infection probably are still present, and that if I were to stop taking the silver just now, the infection would probably come back in a heartbeat! So I'll say 'almost'. But let me tell you - when I started taking the Mesosilver (remember, this is metallic, and not ionic), I started to see a marked improvement in the condition of my toes by the NEXT DAY! Really! I'm not making this up. I don't sell this stuff; I make my living from operating heavy equipment (excavators, etc) and driving garbage trucks.

So it's been a week now, and the inflammation and redness have all but disappeared. I can only see a bit of red spots on a couple of the toes, where the infection was most severe. This is where I suspect the infection may not be completely knocked out yet. The toe joint that was/is infected is 'almost' pain free now, and I can freely bend it.

I'll admit that it was not without some skepticism that I started taking the silver. But after all the reading I have done about it, I thought it was worth a try. Now I plan to stock up on the stuff before they outlaw it, probably via codex alimentarius. I'm very glad that I tried this stuff out. Sure, this is all 'anecdotal' and is obviously very subjective, and I won't pretend that it's 'scientific'. But honestly, who the heck cares?! I'm just glad that my health is improving.

One more note about the diabetic part: Since I've been taking meds to get my blood sugar under control (metformin and glyberide) I've been noticing that my hips have been getting very sore after I sit or lay down, and then get up again. This has been concurrent with the diabetes medicine, and I've NEVER had this problem before in my life. So, I am attributing it as a side effect of the diabetes meds. Sure I could be wrong, but why would this happen so suddenly, and at the same time that I start on the meds?

At any rate, in the past week, I have noticed an improvement in my hip pain; probably 50 %ish. So I'm hoping that the silver will help clear it up entirely. Don't know, but I hope.

I'm waiting for a shipment of colloidal gold, and a colloidal gold/silver mix called 'Life Solution'(from the Utopia people). I'm very much looking forward to trying out these other products when they arrive.

I have a very nice mixed bag of Tourette Syndrome, ADD (without the 'H', I would say), OCD, and a memory that has a lot of room for improvement. Especially with regards to the TS, which I loathe and consider a curse, I am hoping for help from the colloidal gold, and maybe the platinum. Bloody expensive stuff you know, but just to compare the silver with the cost of the antibiotics, it's much cheaper than them, and works better, at least in the case of my toe infection.

After saying all that, do you think I can get my dearly beloved wife (who has seen the silver help me, and who herself has a bad (semi-chronic) throat and ear infection) to take any of it? Nope! It's amazing how stubborn people can be! Those of you out there who believe in God, I hope you will pray for her that He will open her eyes to this stuff.

I'm perfectly willing to dialogue with anyone who wants to contact me about my experience, but I've pretty much said just about everything that I can tell you about how it's helped me. Feel free to drop me a line at 'al (at) kimchiman (dot) c0m. (I hate spam and email spam bots, so you'll just have to do the address manually; sorry folks. But I'm sure you can manage to type in the @ and . symbol if you really want to contact me.)

One last thing: I do intend to get a home colloidal silver generator so I can make the stuff at home. Sure, it's mostly ionic, and has almost zero 'particle surface area', etc. But it should work quite nicely as a foot bath, or to chug it by the gallon for far less than a tiny bottle of the metallic kind would cost. I may end up with only a few percent metallic silver versus the ionic content. But if I drink a quart of it, I'm probably still getting a good dose of the metallic stuff, even if not so much percentage wise. Any thoughts on this? I'd love to learn how to make the metallic silver and gold colloids, but have been told that the generators you can get for home brewing just aren't capable of making the non-ionic colloids. I'm hoping someone out there can show me that I've been told wrong about this.

I truly hope this post helps someone else.

Most sincerely,

Al Roy
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Re: Badly infected toes successfully treated with silver

Postby lacigreshe » Thu May 12, 2011 12:44 pm

Alroy-Thanks for your article. I too, have that dreadful IDDM and of course the feet have to be taken care of to perfection. I am researching the effects of colloidal silver for diabetic neuropathy. I don't believe you mentioned that in your article but I am praying for a miracle that it will work.
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