Wisdom extraction and Oral Surgery

Wisdom extraction and Oral Surgery

Postby Annabelle » Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:27 pm

Last year I had a wisdom tooth extracted. Antibiotics were prescribed as well as a foul tasting prescription mouth rinse. I took neither. My choice was to dose myself with Colloidal Silver for several days prior. I healed well, and in a hurry!

Three weeks ago I had oral surgery which required a bone graft to make way for an implant in my upper jaw. I have been putting this surgery off for over 2 years, and had finally reached the point of no return. Once I had conquered my fear of the procedure, I decided to go the CS route instead of antibiotics and the foul prescribed mouth rinse. Researching my particular procedure and the necessity of excellent oral hygiene to keep infection at bay, and how important it was to "take the anti-biotics" ordered, I made the decision to only use CS. I did not make this decision lightly, however. Bone grafts and infections are serious business.

I dosed myself with MesoSilver, about a week prior to surgery and regularly after. As soon as it was recommended to swish my wound with the prescribed mouth wash, I used MesoSilver instead, at least 3x a day. On my 1st week post-op check, my surgeon's assistant was speechless at how I was healing. When the surgeon came in, he was beaming at my results. I was told to keep up with their prescribed mouth wash, as it was really working!

Last week, I had the 2nd post-op check up, and was told that my healing was going amazingly well. They were both shaking their heads at my wound healing progress, "being ahead of the curve". For good measure, I am also taking MesoZinc and MesoSilica, for bone and tissue repair and regeneration, I am also juicing and eating all the right foods for healing and building. All things good.

I completely trust my Doc and his assistant on this procedure. I feel they would respect my choice not to take the prescription anti-biotics, but I didn't want to have to deal with any "possible" resistance to my decision, or their concerns or fear. I elected not to "burden them" with my decisions to go with my way. My plan is to tell them once the procedure is completed (initially they told me it would be 6 months, last apt. they said it looked more like 4!).
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