I need advise! Please help!

I need advise! Please help!

Postby David » Fri Apr 22, 2005 9:14 am

I was diagnosed with Hep C and ordered col. silver but am not sure if I should begin the treatment. I really don't understand how it works and what the expected results should be. I need advise on dosage and duration of treatment. Can someone please enlighten me on the "risk/reward" of silver and how I should take it.

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Postby jackdaw » Fri Apr 22, 2005 1:58 pm

Hi David:

Most of us I think start off with about 4 tablespoons a day. Or at least that is what I started off with because someone recommended that amount.
In addition to the silver though I would strongly recommend that you also take at least 600 mg of lipoic acid in two differnt doses Silymarin 900 mg
and selenium 400 mcg each split up in two doses. I usually take mine
with my first and last meals. Since I have been on this and NuLiver my
liver tests all show normal The my level of viruses has come down some but completely. All my other tests are well into the range of normality.
The lipolic acid helps quell the free radicals and is supposed to increase the level of glutathione the livers own antitoxidant. Silymarin of course it the active ingredient in milk thisle. It is supposed to help production of new liver cells which is what you need after their destruction by the hep-c virus. The selenium is supposed to slow down the reproduction of the virus itself. I have been taking a product called NuLiver which is mentioned in another of my two posts.

Oh, I forgot to answer about the silver. Take in six hours apart or so but
don't get up at night to take it just spread it out over the day. But do not take it with a meal. It works much better on an empty stomach. That is what was recommend to me anyway. I wish you the best of luck with your cure.
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Postby oilnwine » Mon Apr 25, 2005 4:42 pm

jackdaw wrote:Hi David:

Oh, I forgot to answer about the silver. Take in six hours apart or so but
don't get up at night to take it just spread it out over the day. But do not take it with a meal. It works much better on an empty stomach. That is what was recommend to me anyway. I wish you the best of luck with your cure.

Just curious.. why not take it during the night? I am forced to do that sometimes as I take other things on an empty stomach in addition to the mesosilver.

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Postby jackdaw » Mon Apr 25, 2005 8:36 pm

Hi Maddy:

Well, there is no problem with taking it at night if you happen to wake
up. If I do wake up during the night I take a shot of it too then. I just don't think it is necessary to have to wake up at night just to take it. If one wants to do that I think it is fine.

Hope your results are getting better.
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Hi Jackdaw

Postby oilnwine » Tue Apr 26, 2005 12:18 am

Oh OK.. I wake up all through the night because I drink water pretty much all night and that keeps me going you know where.. :)

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Postby davej » Tue Apr 26, 2005 8:20 am

jackdaw- was good to hear from you. thanks for the info. i have always taken 4 tbs. at a time so far seems to be working. i will do another blood test in may. i was over 6 million copies when i started with the silver, down to 2 million last test. i may try the nuliver if the next test doesn't come out like i would like. hang in there,god bless davej........
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1.aLA-"HARD"-tablets & 2.Se/Zn SEPARATELY

Postby Mike777 » Thu May 12, 2005 10:20 pm

1. I'd found out why a-Lipoic Acid (aLA) could not work at all & what to do for it will work. - I'd taken 300mg-tablets of aLA (light orange color) in swallowing them & ocasionnally found out that they were ALWAYS going through my intestines without any change & they went out as the same orange tablets as were taken! They are too solid & hard to be chewed or dissolved in water or in my mouth OR FARER. When I tried to chew them I firstly almost damaged my teeth & secondly was a little shocked by a very acidic tasting. Though after taking them chewed I felt much better. Next time I used my 4"-Marble-Mortar-bowl with solid marble Pestle but it took too much time. The hammer through paper on a plastic board was even less successfull. Now I'm doing it very simple: firstly I'm holding 300mg-tablet of aLA in my mouth for ~15 seconds without chewing it, & then I'm adding
2-3 tablets of DGL(De-Glycyrrhizinated Licorice Extract Lozenges- 400mg;by "NOW FOODS",-they are with 200 mg of L-Glycine & 6 mg of Stevia Leaf Extract, -it tastes much better than without Stevia in other brands); & then I could chew it carefully without hustling. To take 600mg of aLA this process must be done one more time. - Just amazing!
There are a lot of such "hard" tablets & capsules that after swallowing just are going through us without any changing! Some , like "Royal Jelly" (bee milk), or "THYMULUS"(Thymus glandular + Astrogallus), - could be chewed & have not bad taste. But some must be delivered to their target place, like friendly "bifido"-bacilus-ones, -because they need special pH (alkalinity/acidity) around to be alive.So their capsule must loose shell exactly in our colon only, - else they are going through in vain as I frequently observed. You could take a lot of tabs & caps & have No Help at all!
2. Zinc Selenide has "Solubility Product Constant"
Ksp(ZnSe)=3.6*10^-26 , - that means ZnSe is not soluble at all.
But our liver needs Zn & Se to be delivered without creating unsoluble white cristallic powder, clotting their ways! What must we do to not permit them to meet each other "before delivery-places are gotten"? - Just take them SEPARATELY with more than ~4hours -time-interval!
May 12, 2005 23:18 pm CT US (in my place)
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Polypodium XP - for HCV & HBV &HAV

Postby Mike777 » Thu May 12, 2005 11:10 pm

Polypodium XP from www.hepatitisabc.com- for HCV & HBV &HAV.
Polipodium is herbal immunostimulator, I'm taking it from Jan 2005 as MesoSilver.
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Know about Eurocel?

Postby sfzendog » Mon Jul 10, 2006 10:53 am

I have had hep C probably for many years, but diagnosed about 9 years ago as soon as the tests were created. I've tried many different protocols to reduce ASL and ALT numbers that were 5-8 times normal. I take blood-tests religiously every 90-120 days. One product only has worked. it is called EUROCEL, it is a Korean product made up of mushrooms. You can GOOGLE it. My accupuncturist told me to begin by doubling the dose (4 caps, 3x a day) I did that for three months. (Had two bad weeks of detox reaction) took a blood test, and the numbers were down. Dropped to three for another 90 days, ditto. Dropped to two and they elevated slightly so I take 3 3x a day as a maintenance dose. My viral load goes up and down between around 2 and 8 million and I'm going to try Colloidal silver as a remedy to that, but the Eurocel has definitely helped my energy and sense of well-being. I did not want to take Pegalayted Ribovarin (it nearly killed my daughter) and so I've decided to just keep on with this protocol. It's an old virus. (The liver has receptors for it.) I'll keep going until my liver stops, but as of now I have virtually no symptoms except the need for an occasional nap in the afternoon. But being 64 that might be the case anywahy.
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Colloidal Ag & stomach-HCl=how I take(AgCl is unsoluble)

Postby Mike777 » Tue Jul 11, 2006 3:21 pm

Hi! (July11,2006)
I've HBV (nowdays my Viral Load is VL=126 IU/mL, in 2003 it was
VL>>40 million IU/mL [1 IU=5 HBV DNA copies].
Entecavir (Baraclude) is what really working for me(for Hep.B,&HBeAG+).
{HBV & HCV are almost simular in their area of supplements to take.
Some supplements "X" to work properly have to have "partners"="Y",
-I'll show them as "X[+Y]".}
But I take others supplements :
Milk Thistle=Silimarin,Lipoic Acid,Gluthathione,
thymus ovine glandular[+carrots],
Maitake mushroom(it's better than other m.,but could be in complex),
Minerals & Vitamins
(!:It's very much depending of
- Your personal Metabolic Rate=Fast1-4orSlow1-4,
- Your personal Minerals-Ratios such as
Zn/Cu, [K+Mg]/[Na+Ca], Fe/[Hg&Pb] etc.
-I use Dr.Tefft's web-site
- they perform HTMA=HairTissueMineralAnalysis-test when
= I send them ~150mg hair sample each ~3 months),
& MESOSILVER(Colloidal Ag).
About Colloidal Silver(Ag).
If it (Ag) reaches the stomach it reacts with HCl=HydroCloricAcid there &
in result the salt AgCl is not soluble - so it bypasses all systems
& goes out through digesting system without any effect at all !
But there is another way - when You take Colloidal Silver - You hold it
in Your mouth ~1-3 minutes(untill it goes through
Alveoles/Gum'sCapillars directly to blood vessels ( so it could reach
all body places & liver too).
About possible side-effects of Colloidal Ag:
Because AgI (Argentum=Silver Iodate is unsoluble too (as AgCl), -
So it could reduce the I = Iodine - level in the blood & tissues, -
So it could slow the thyroid activity, - that means it could slow Your
personal Methabolic Rate (I had that a little).
So to compensate this You could (dependingly of Your Metabolic
Rate-level) take such thyroid supplements as:
-Thyroid Glandular,
-Kelp (as I=Iodine source),
-Carrots (It's better than carrot-juice, & than Beta-carotine, & than vit.A.).
But this Thyroid supplements should be taken only if Your HTMA-test
shows the slowing of Your Metabolic Rate-level.
I'm not a doctor- so these are only my thoughts & infos I'd found
for myself!
It's better to be active (~yoga, sport, exercices, etc., but if the liver isn't
in a good condition then any intense exercises should be with some
I wish You to Be healthy & optimistic!
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Backing off colloidal silver

Postby sfzendog » Mon Jul 17, 2006 11:03 am

My first experience with colloidal silver was an overdoes. I mis-read the instructions and thought it said Tablespoon, and the shock was intense--bad headache, weakness, 'buzzing' in eyes. Of course, I'm interested in it for its anti-viral properties, but I haven't read anything on this web-site that suggests it lowers viral load. Also, now I'm concerned that as a heavy metal it might be toxic to the liver. Any ideas?
Because I added some other supplements, I'm backing off everything else for a week and then will add the silver at 1/2 a tsp and watch for a week before adding anything else.
I don't take milk thistle, because I take a number of Chinese herbs which have regulated an erratic heart-beat (Baked Licorice, Rhemania and Six Sages). That's 26 pills a day, so I haven't wanted to add anything else. Going for a blood test now, and so far Eurocell seems to be holding the line. Thanks for your reply.
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toSfzendog7/17/06:Don't mix ColloidalSilver(Ag)with anything

Postby Mike777 » Mon Jul 17, 2006 4:30 pm

to Sfzendog,7/17/06:
1. Don't mix Colloidal Silver(C-S=C.Ag) with anything!
It's definitively working on me![Hep.B-see my previous message.]
I'm taking MesoSilver at least half an hour after & before any meal.
2. To have it directly in bloodstream through gum's capillars, it's better
to hold it in Your mouth ~1-3 min.[else after been swallowed it bypass
all systems when Ag reacts in stomach with HCl,=AgCl that's unsoluble &
goes out through intestines without any effect.]
3. I never had any notable side-effects from C-S. It only could a little
decrease the Metabolic Rate-level tied with thyroid gland's I=Iodine level
because AgI is unsoluble too, - so C-S could "extract" some Iodine & thus
decrease I-level. That could be compensated dependingly of Your Thyroid
Rate(!:thyroid supplements & C-S should be separated in time at least by
2 hours!) by taking I-containing supplements [Kelp; I=PotassiumIodide],+
other thyroid-suppl. [B-carotene=carrotJuice, PotassiumOrotate, Thyroid
glandular capsuls,{Chelated K&Mg +B6}]. To find out my Metabolic Rate
& Mineral-Vitamin Balance, & HeavyMetals PoisoningLevel
{Hg(Mercury)-Pb(Lead)- As(Arsenic)- Sb(Antimony)-U(Uranium),-
Be(Beryllium)-Al(Alluminium)}, -
each ~3months I buy HTMA=HairTissueMineralAnalysis Test-Kit from
Dr. Tefft's web-site & I send ~150 mg - sample of my hair to their Lab.
4. In such doses C-S is unknown to give heavy-metal-poisoning. By the
way from my ~3-years- experience C-S doesn't need big doses. I'm
taking Mesosilver 1 tea-spoon 2-3-4 times a day. Though my ALT &
VL=Viral Load are much decreased mainly grace to Entecavir, that's the
anti-HBV drug & its effect on HCV is unknown yet. I could suppose that
Your headaches could have such causes as Pb/Hg/Al etc. poisoning
(You could test Your thyroid activity, mineral balance & heavy metals -
poisoning at Dr. Tefft's=RealPNC.com,~Lab) , or possible parasites like
FlatWorms(ex.:schistosome mansoni) in the liver or blood or anythere
else (~ask Your Doctor to test).
5. I'm taking much more supplements-"pills" than You. It's nothing wrong
with it if You know their interactions & right time to take.Your mushrooms
are very good [I'm taking Maitake~] for decrease ALT but not enough to
low VL.
Licorice is good [I'm taking it], though I don't know why to bake it. But if
You've high sugar level You'd take it as DGL (De-Glycyrrhizinated
Milk Thistle always helps me to low ALT & has no side effect & almost
no interactions with other herbs, though some brands contain almost
no Silimarin, that means they are empty!
Alfa-LipoicAcid (in capsules- not in tablets that usually practically
unsoluble at all!) helps my liver a lot to
detoxicate! & Se=Selenium supplements (it could be as garlic
suppl., & it need + some additional vitamin E) detoxicates too!
Thymus ovine glandular definitively works for me[+carrotJuice].
I take PolypodiumXP, that's known to work on HCV too.
When You take a lot of suppl. , You'd have plenty of water with & have
some probiotic - capsuls to properly digest all. At the evening it's good
to drink a cup of Plain Kefir [I prefer LifeWay brand in WholeFood Store]
or plain Yogurt. Buttermilk is not the same -better Kefir.
Some suplements, like C-S, works only if they are accessing to blood
through alveoles=gums' cappillars - so they should be hold for several
minutes in the mouth.Oppositely probiotic caps must be swallowed to skip
stomach before capsul's shell is dissolved. Such details help a lot.
6. You're right about interferon, I think,-it's dangerous.
7.Your fatigue could be tied with HCV or/& low thyroid activity.
I wish You to Be healthy & optimistic!
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Viral load

Postby sfzendog » Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:02 pm

what is your viral load and your ast and alt numbers? My ast and alt have come down from 5 times normal to normal. Viral load alternates between 2 and 4 million.
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P.S. to sfzendog

Postby Mike777 » Tue Jul 18, 2006 6:42 am

Hi![7/18/06,to sfzendog]
My ALT=77 (before Entecavir it was ALT=~300 that was 6 times more than normal).
My Doctor didn't [~1year]order AST to test - he said ALT is enough to
know liver's enzymes' levels. Naturally I'd refused to do any liver biopsy.
My HBV ViralLoad [HBV is DNA virus , HCV is RNA~, though quantitatively
VLs are the numbers of orders quite comparable] nowdays is
VL=126 IU/mL (1 IU=5 copies DNA HBV). Before Entecavir VL was
between >40 million IU/mL & 20 million IU/mL ! [VL<40 IU/mL is
undetectable & I've ~3 times of those VL.]
I've seen the site where EuroCel is (hepatitisCfree.com; I'm buying
where Mesenchyme, that helps me a lot.) Schizandra & Artemisia are
herbs that I'm taking too.
& thank You for info - I've bought there their SuperSiliphos Milk Thistle
Extract , - this Milk Thistle brand must be powerful - I hope.
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