A thank you and my testimonial

A thank you and my testimonial

Postby macdse » Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:53 am

Where do I start?

A friend bought me the 5 gallon drum of Mesosilver about a year and half ago. I had no idea what it was. :lol: She knew I had hepatitis C and when I told her that I had a very discomforting pain in my side (right side just below the ribcage and through out that area) I complained a lot about the pain. My symtoms were the constant pain in my side and it felt as if I had a baseball or a fist inside of me that would push against my rib and it always felt tender or a feeling of bruiseness if there is such a word. I had a swelling and as a result I could not sit at my computer for long hours as the sitting position caused more pain for what ever reason. I had a big belly :lol: a lot of drinking I guess. I don't drink anymore or do drugs and I have not for years. Another thing was that I always had the urge to pee. That really sucked because I would have to get up 6 or 7 times a night just to let out a few drops if any :evil: Well I finished the 5 gallon drum which took about a year. The pain is gone and so is the swelling. As a result, I have lost 30 pounds and have kept them off. I no longer have that constant urge to pee not even when drinking large ammounst of coffee :lol: I know coffee is not good for me, at least not in the way I drink it (MUD) Anyway, I just wanted to say that I believe the Mesosilver helped me, i really, really do. In closing, I just want to thank Diane for buying this for me, (She always knows what to buy me) :D This year she is getting me a new computer 8) What a doll, what a doll. I also want to say thank you Mesosilver for a very strange colored liquid that helped me with my pain in my side :wink:

DG Friday Dec 19, 2008

Happy holidays to all who have time to read my testimonial.

PS Nothing else has changed in my life as far as eating or working out. I still eat the same and I do not work out so, I do believe that the 30 pounds I could never lose for 20 years was a result of the mesosilver.
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