I'm ecstatic over my liver function results!

I'm ecstatic over my liver function results!

Postby Andrika8 » Sat Oct 18, 2008 4:55 pm

I've had Hep C since 1971, my last biopsy results were 3/3, not good. I had entered a Hep C study in 2006 and took Peginterferon and Ribavirin for 48 weeks. What the medical staff did not say at the time was if it did not cure me it would do more damage to my liver. They called me back for another study 5 months ago and did all the blood work in preperation for that. After they got the results they informed me that my liver function levels were so bad that I couldn't participate in the study. This was very hard to hear :shock: But, it turned out to be my salvation. :D I started reading different forums on Hep C and found a lot of people had good results with Mesosilver. I felt very strongly that this would work for me, and it has. After taking Mesosilver for three months, I had my first liver function test this morning and the news is very good ...... My AST went from 157 down to 70 and my ALT went from 232 down to 82 which is really great. Normal for AST is 15-41 and ALT is 14-54 so there's still room for improvement, but I'm ecstatic!! This is after taking Mesosilver, E3Live and Indian Essence (from Vancouver, BC) for the last 3 months, along with a very strict diet ... vegan without oil, wheat and refined sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup (my MD says it's very bad for the liver). I am now ready to add in some daily treadmill walking as my energy level is greatly improved. I'm intending to get amazing results with my current regime. Thanks to all of you who have had an influence on my decision to try Mesosilver and to my MD who believes in natural (alternative) medicine first and allopathic only when all else fails.
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