Reduction in viral load

Reduction in viral load

Postby janine » Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:53 pm

I began MesoSilver on August 8, 2007, only after much research on the website. The hep c protocol is to be read and adhered to, also read about the Helix factor. I have geno type 1 Hep C, my viral load
in May 2007 was 1.8 million copies. November 8, 2007 was my three month date for testing and on Tuesday the following week my results were back and my count had dropped to 1 million copies. I have had hep c since 1975 and did not know I had it till 1999. I am a nurse and did contact it from patients; since there was no protocol for glove wearing when starting I.V’s I have no idea from whom I caught it nor would knowing change anything. I have done the current up-to-date treatments 3 different times without any hope that my immune system would recognize the virus as the enemy and kill it. My main hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ, with which I have hope in MesoSilver’s ability to rid my body once and for all of the virus hep c. My proof is the blood results, speaking of which I am due
a recheck on February 8, 2008. I will keep in touch.

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