~ Hepatitis C In Me ~

~ Hepatitis C In Me ~

Postby LionOfJudah » Thu Oct 25, 2007 5:06 pm


H-C, in me, is bringing me down.
(Quest Labs Results Follow my Lament)

Viral Load 480 million parts per cc/ofblood drawn.
Maybe that is not very much provided three hundred trillion parts per cc can be there or more. that then makes my 480 Mill rather Patlry at that, however I just don't have any energy, so I wonder about that.

Maybe you can have 500 billion trillion parts per cc before things start to seem amis.
I just don't know. Do you?

Now this is where I am at before I purchase my first Four 16 oz's of "Meso-Silver"

yes, I am a differentPerception, a LionOfJudah, a TigerOfAriel.
I am a "Dog" born in the Chinese New Year Of The Dog.

Old ancient Hebrew proverb.
"Surley a Live Dog Is Better Then a Dead Lion."
January 15 2008.
viral Loads are Low, Medium and High.
My viral load 4.8 million Was in the medium category.

The Shut Down.
It turns out that all the NASAIDS' I had been previously taking, 2005 right up until October 30 2007 Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Pain Medicine, Edolac which replaced all the Naproxen (Aleve) I was taking, plus one OxyCondin emergency Week, the last week of October 2007 plus various strength Aspirins and Motrin's Ibuprofen, all have one thing significant to say about themselves.

"They Rarely Cause Fatal Liver Disease." :twisted:

I hope you kids got that, and stop taking them.
Wouldn't you know. My liver is already stressed because of the "Resident Virus", and weather it is active load or dormant, it still has lowered our immune systems and the Liver's ability to process certain compounds. You know, like the Deca and Test and Oxandrolone I was taking too.

You know the stuff professional athletes have to take in order to heal up quickly so they can get back in the game for us.

anyhow all these drugs came together and shutdown my Liver.

I did not intend that to happen, and you must understand that I felt perfectly well and strong and buoyant right up until that very day.
It just started with very little warning.
Hepatitis C + Max doses of NASIDS daily from 2005 to 2007
(I was in Pain, this stuff took good care of it) + Hormone Replacement Drugs.
Even though I tested good to go for the Steroids, my liver was more then likely Toasted already, and not able to sustain anything else.
Damage from NASIDS to the liver is persistant.
Damage to the Liver from the Steroids is Temporary, so long as you stop all usage of them for a period of time, and that dependent upon blood test's and Liver Ultra Sounds. (don't leave home with out them)

Extra tired in the morning, hard work out in the gym tired after.
Who would have thought.
My liver shut down.
Once it started it snowballed down hill all the way, picking up speed like an avalanche.
It was sudden illness. I felt awful every day.

Prayer with the brothers stopped it.

That's all I know, that's all I can say as I got increasingly sick and yellow and sicker and more yellow, then Prayer and it all reversed itself.

Ultra sounds of my liver showed it now necrotic and what had killed dead, part of the liver, had now spread through out the whole liver.

I am almost certain of them, however if my Liver returns to pre-Viral Load conditions which means if you didn't know you had Hepatitis C, your Liver would look and respond like a finely tunned BMW M-Class, then it was the Androgenic Hormones plus all the other stuff, but do to the fact that my liver, Hopefully returns to near normal, then we can all say medicaly that the major insult was the Steroids.

Any bad serious life threatening liver condition can be caused by the Supra Dosage of Androgenic Steroids.
I was only taking the smallest dose possible, known as a hormone replacement dose.

When the Athlete experiences Liver complications due to their steroid use, and then stops taking their supraDosages, you know all the guys and girls in the muscle Mags, the life threatening effects on their liver completely reverse themselves as if it never happened. If you don't stop taking everything, you die. End of story.

Next Month, February, I will start my Meso Silver regimen.
Right now as of November 3rd, 2007 I stopped taking everything including proteins, Vitamins, Liver cleanses, just everything.

Today and the past three weeks, I have got my life back, and I have since returned to the gym.
Avoiding all Hormones, and pain medicines.

I hurt pretty bad, but I talked with my Cellular Structures and Entities that make up my physical being, and having apologized for being so careless as to seriously hurt my liver, Our Friend, that that would not happen again, and that from now on, PAIN IS GOOD.

It let's you know you are alive!

Love to all,

LionOfJudah, TigerOfAriel.
peterFlorida. 8)
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Postby tokyo7788 » Thu Apr 24, 2008 12:37 am

Hope you are well now.

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Postby LionOfJudah » Thu Apr 24, 2008 5:33 pm

Greetings to all who followed this "TailOfATiger "

October 17. 2007 Ultra Sound (simplistic reading)
Liver has partialy died, the rest to follow suit. Disease in every single cell.

January 9 2008, Ultra Sound. (Simplistic Reading)
Liver has returned to it's normal function, no sign of disease anywhere.

Hooo RA !
I have copies of the Ultra Sounds. Real facts, not fiction.

Thankyou everyone. 8)
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Re: ~ Hepatitis C In Me ~

Postby doleriya » Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:33 am

What is the frequency in hepatitis and how do you get the disease? What is the frequency in hepatitis and how do you get it? how is it past down to a person? how do you prevent it.
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Re: ~ Hepatitis C In Me ~

Postby LionOfJudah » Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:11 am

doleriya wrote:What is the frequency in hepatitis and how do you get the disease? What is the frequency in hepatitis and how do you get it? how is it past down to a person? how do you prevent it.

quote="doleriya"]What is the frequency in hepatitis and how do you get the disease? What is the frequency in hepatitis and how do you get it? how is it past down to a person? how do you prevent it.[/quote]
Hepatitis C is not a disease. It is a Virus that causes fatal Liver Disease.

Greetings from the "TailOfTheTiger" and DarkStarLightProductions.Inc.tm
A WhiteTiger~BlackWolf DarkStar MusicProduction.Inc.tm.
From The Book "TheArtOfCrashing" soon to be published Well maybe.

You get the disease from sharing needles, letting the doctors give you whole blood that was poorly screened that you needed cause you just got almost fatally shot in a robbery, or auto accident or shot yourself cause you forgot the gun was loaded.

It is possible dependent upon the Viral Load, that your lover could have that virus, floss his teeth, suffering from a low grade gingivitis gum infection which cause the gums to bleed, then kiss you intimately and you get enough of the virus to enter your system thru little cuts in your mouth you did not know were there.
You know those pesky canker sores.

Frequency is Low. It is just one thing you need to be screened for.
You will be if you entertain marriage. You will be screened for HIV and H-C and the others A.B,

The last one is that it can be sexually transmitted, but only if you have multiple partners.
Now that comes from H-c class which I just took and it needs clarification if you ask me.

I do not know of one case that it was sexually transmitted, and I do not think the studies do either.

Only a small percentage of those who acquire H-C receive all the symptoms.
Over 80 % who got that disease, are able with their own immune system to fight it off and actually kill the virus where it resides. The Liver, all within the first year.

I am one of the 2% that gets the full force attack, and am eventually killed by it Probably.
Probability, Is good actualy apart from divine providence or receiving a successful Liver transplant
Right now my body is entertaining excellent health, with Spiritual Grace and angelic favor on me.
I stopped taking all NASIDS, I drink Organic Lemon Juice almost every morning between 6 am and 8 am,
I still take my shots of Anabolic Steroids. Three times a week.
Testosterone Cypinate, Deca, and that Fat Burning Anavar, which goes thru the liver as if it never was there.

Nice. The Effects of Anavar(Oxandrolone) last for 6 months. so if you are fat burdened when you take it and don't change your diet and up your exercise, you will be stuck that way without being able to make any headway at all, after you stop your cycle. You will remain in what ever condition you are found in when you stop, so do it right the first time.

From My Event Horizon.
Love to All.

~From Out of the Wilderness to Return~
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