6 month test results

6 month test results

Postby Jeff Boggs » Thu Oct 04, 2007 9:45 pm

Well, I have got results from my second blood test after 5 months of Mesosilver. Viral load went from 2.1 million to 1.8 million. From what I understand this can be a OK result, however, the levels can actually fluctuate naturally. AST was 50 and is now 58 -- ALT was 99 is now 107. The bilyrubin level was 1.4 and is now 1.0. So I'm seeing both ups and downs. Oh! I forgot to mention that I have Hep C type 1A and am 25+ years into it. Was diagnosed in April 2006.
I believe I am making some progress but will be pursuing some new additions and possiby subtractions to my daily protocol of:
Selenium 400 mcg
Super Siliphos 1080 mg (this is milk thistle with phytosome)
Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg
Mesosilver 4 Tablespoons (taken as recommended)
Thymus 6,000 mg
I have gone through 2 gallons of Mesosilver. So to the alert reader, I have not been consistent as the silver should not have gone quite 5 months. The other items I have only been using for 2 months.
I may possibly add oxymatrine to the list. There has been encouraging research on this substance. I encourage those looking for help to keep reading and try not to have a knee jerk reaction to the hype on all the web-sites. One thing I heard is once you find what helps you it could take the same # of months to get healthy as the # of years you are into the disease.
I have just recently been communicating with the ALCHEMIST site and feel they are sharp and committed people. I have purchased some items from Lloyd Wright's site. In addition I have recently been talking with a local Homeopathic Clinic here in Oregon. I'm finding that most sources say that every case is an individual approach as we are all a little different and may require differing treatments or combinations thereof.

Well onward and upward. May God Bless You! Jeff
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