Mesosilver after 4 months

Mesosilver after 4 months

Postby Jeff Boggs » Sat Aug 04, 2007 12:08 am

Best to all who may be searching for solutions to a tough reality. Hep C is not childs play and I'm not always sure if what I have been doing is a long term plan in my personal battle. This is not my first message here and I think if we have a valid product with our colloidal silver then long term validation would be appropriate.
I have recently started on gallon 2 which will be my last if test results are not improving by Sept. I continue to also take lots of Milk Thistle, Selenium and both Vit. C & E. Alpha-Lipoic acid I take daily as well.
I will test early in December which will have given me nearly a full 6 months on my regimen. However, I have been inconsistent in my doses a couple times, but I think I am giving this approach a fair test.
Anyone out there, Please respond with either your failures or victories. We need to hear from you especially if you have long term results that could help others. Thanks Jeff
Jeff Boggs
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Postby Lori L. » Tue Oct 16, 2007 9:40 pm

Hi Jeff. I haven't been to the forum in a long time,but I want to share my experience with you. Last December(2006), I started Mesosilver. if you read all my stuff in the forum that will save me a lot of time because my story is pretty clear. After 4 mos.(which was really too soon to tell) I had another viral load done and found out I had dropped from 1,1000,000-to 975,00. Definitely not what I had hoped for, but I too had missed doses or was back -sliding on the late night snacks. ( I'm also a recovering alcoholic with a sweet-tooth.) Well, hellloooo...sugar is our worst enemy, since we liver challenged can't process a lot of anything anyway. So now it is the end of October, and I will be getting another viral load this December. I'm hoping to be in the 200-400 range. ( 0 to 199 or 200 is considered in the normal range) I want to tell you that I went through about a 6 week period where I was wondering if it was'nt working, because a lot of the fatigue had returned. But I'm here to tell you that along with the mesosilver you've got to eat very lean , healthy foods and loose the meat in your diet except chicken or fish once a week-plus all the supplements-PLUS lots of rest and keeping the drama and stress out of my life has helped immensely. Jeff, I started walking again in the evening for exercise 2 weeks ago, and my energy level is up and I feel better than I have in months. When I compare how depleted and run down I was at this time last year, it's like night and day. I've gone through a lot of gallons and little bottles( I have weeks when I can't afford the gallon), and I just keep plugging away. When I first came to the forum, I forget who it was, but the testimonial that I read, that was the final factor in deciding to try it. What this person had written was that they had been on the silver for a long time and after a year the virus was virtually undetectable in their system. THAT"S why I started taking it. I will keep you posted how I'm doing, my feeling is that I did'nt become this sick overnight, so I knew I had to settle in for a lengthy process. Also, they wrote that afer a year they were still taking 1 tablespoon a day for preventative measure. But it's hard to do everything required diligently several times a day. Eating, vitimins , MESOSILVER, sleep,exercise(in light moderation. If you would like some really sound suggestions, log onto "Mike T" on this forum. I modeled my supplement from his list( one of his testimonials in this forum lists all of his supplements) and a few other people's lists. I hope to hear from you soon. Your friend Lori L.(Down in Key West, Fla.
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Postby Jeff Boggs » Thu Oct 18, 2007 7:18 am

Thanks for the reply Lori, I have recently gone back and read posts from both you and Mike T. In fact, I nearly e-mailed him about his current status & protocol since he had offered you his e-mail, but I was reluctant to pursue that course without his consent. I appreciate your response and would really like to hear how your results come out. We all need encouragement from time to time. Your comments on diet and exercise are extremely encouraging. I too have recently provided my system with exercise and I am attempting to remove sugar. Restraint is tough but I'm making progress. Before I was diagnosed, I restricted sugar when I experienced low energy and have a history of success there as well. I have recently been recieving counsel and some additional products from Alchemist website. Michael Finkbind of Alchemist has added additions to my previously noted protocol. These include Oxymatrine, Calcium Orotate, Lithium Orotate, Red Clover Tea & Chanca Piedra. I just started these yesterday. I have to go get ready for work but once again thanks for responding. Jeff
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Postby charleneb » Sat Oct 20, 2007 5:02 pm

Hi Jeff,
I hope you get the results you are hoping for in December. Fortunately, my acute Hep C has resolved. I heard from an infectious disease doctor that somewhere in Europe there was 150 contaminated bottles of Rhogam that were given to 150 pregnant women. Of the 150, nearly 1/3 of those woman cleared the virus completely within six months. That is very encouraging for Acute Hep C patients, which information is scarce and very limited on Acute Hep C. I now have had 4 non-detectable tests and am said to be Hep C Free. What I cannot stress to you enough like Lori is Diet control. As I have told you before, ask your doctor for a dietician's consult. Health Insurance pays for it and it gave me so much info on what to eat. What foods to avoid, and if your enzymes are up, be especially careful and practice neutrapenic precautions... No raw fruits and veggies, no seafood at all, no eating from fast food rest, no eating off of buffets, etc. This helps prevent further damage when your liver enzymes are up. Remember all the herbs I took too. Dr. Charles Mary has a protocol which gives tons of vits and herbs and his Hep C pts stay relatively healthly. I can send you his info if you would like. Do not give up faith, anything is possible with God on your side. Have faith. You would not believe what faith and prayers can do for a pt's recovery. Trust me being a nurse, I have seen patients come out of things they never were expected to survive. You can beat this Jeff. I am looking into publishing companies to possibly write a book on Acute Hep C verus chronic hep C to help others face this horrid disease with dignity and respect. You can beat this. Keep trying and never be fearful of trying new things, after all what do you have to lose right??? Keep in touch with positive people that helps you deal with this disease with optimism and not negativity. The dietician stressed for me to prevent Fatty liver disease. That is a term I have heard often so it must be a good thing to do. ALso like Lori said exercise in moderation. Keep your spirits up Jeff, Good Luck with everything. I am hear if you need me.
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