2nd viral load numbers are down!!

2nd viral load numbers are down!!

Postby Lori L. » Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:37 pm

Hello Everyone! Well now I know what it feels like to get that news that all of you longtime faithful users of Mesosilver have received. My 1st viral load test in Jan. was 1,100,000 and on April 23 I had another test done and the new number is 975,000! I am elated, and happy also that my alt test was 62 in Jan. and now it too is down to 50.! People, even if you are tired of trying all kinds of stuff that has produced no results, please, please don't give up before you try this. Because you would definitely be missing the boat. This is painless , flavorless, and has no side effects. NONE! That was my big worry when I first started reading this forum, to research the Mesosilver@. If anyone has any questions about the doses or what I use for supplements, please feel free to ask and you will find everybody in this forum uses a lot of the same supplements. I read a lot of peoples regiments and created my daily routine using a combination of about 3 or 4 different peoples supplements. I like what Mike T. has to offer along with a few others. Stick with the Mesosilver@ , along with the standard milkthistle and other supplelments, because it's working for me, and it can work for you too. Thank-you and God Bless. Lori L.
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