Partial results of 2nd viral load, need info w/2 questions

Partial results of 2nd viral load, need info w/2 questions

Postby Lori L. » Fri Apr 20, 2007 9:13 pm

Okay , everyone, I feel like I am waiting to see if I've won the lottery or not!!! I found a clinic that did my viral load/alt for free, and mostly that's because I had been refered to this woman by a lot of people that are hep c. in my town.. Based on all of the information that I gave her concerning the Mesosilver@ brand, the stellar results of my condition improving so dramatically, since last Dec. , she agreed to give me the viral load test/alt for free. I peaked her curiosity, brought my personal experiences with the wonderful results I've been aquiring, to the table, so she could'nt resist doing the test!! However... The results from the viral load were lost, and last Monday she drew the viral load sample again. I expect that result, at the end of the week. BUT!! Great news everyone!!My alt number has dropped from 62, to 50 since the end of last December!! I'm telling you , this news brought me to tears, and the upcomming results this week for my viral load , is the last thing I think about before I go to sleep at night. She told me that I should'nt get my hopes up because the numbers don't always coincide with how you feel. But in light of the alt numbers I can't help but have soaring hopes. Now , on a more somber note---the test also revealed that at one time I also had Hep A aaaannnd Hep B at some time in my life, but do not have A or B now. That was kind of scary, it makes me wonder if I had all 3 at the same time! Does anybody know if that's possible? I'm thinking ....maybe. And then I wonder if I did have all 3 did the Mesosilver get rid of A and B? I also had a vaccination for A and B last week. If anyone reading this has any information, will you please reply? Thank-you. Sincerely Lori L.
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