Results of five months usage

Results of five months usage

Postby beechduke » Wed Feb 23, 2005 9:49 pm

HISTORY: In 1999 I had a very serious automobile accident. That started a string of medical problems: Two years later a very serious heart attack, six months later a malignant tumor in my breast that required a mastectomy, six months later the cancer metastasized to my bones, and about nine months after that to my liver. Everything had been a downward slide until I started taking collodial minerals the day after Labor Day last year. I continue to this day with four tablespoons per day of platinum and iridium.

RESULTS OF MINERALS: The diagnosis that the cancer had spread to my liver was indicated by two lesions on a CT Scan in August of 2004. In the beginning of August I started chemo treatments using Navelbine, a mild chemical due to my Heart condition. A new CT scan in November 2004 showed substantial improvement. "Substantial" meant that the two lesions were dramatically reduced. Recently I had a new CT Scan and the result is that my liver is now normal. I will have one more treatment of chemotherapy, then the doctor is going to give me two months off and do another CT scan in May. I believe that the platinum and iridium has greatly helped in ridding my liver of the malignant lesions, along with the chemotherapy. After the upcoming chemo, the platinum and iridium will be the only treatment and it will be interesting to see what the platinum and iridium alone will do. I don't think that my experience would relate to a clinical study, but what I do know is that I have cancer and now for the first time I'm getting better!

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Re: Results of five months usage

Postby Lone Ranger » Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:00 pm

Hi Don, I can't imagine going to those years after your car accident. My heart goes out to you. I hope those colloidal medicines continue to get you healthy once again. Sounds like it is a real possibility. I am 55 year old and have never had any health issues until now. I've been diagnosed with cervical cancer and they want me to get a hysterectomy (I think that's how you spell it!!). A friend told me to check into the collidal silver. It looks like my best bet is the collidal platinum. I know this isn't something that can wait so I have a big decision and lots of research I need to do, I guess.

I hope to only hear about good results from this colloidal stuff you have been taking. I have a good feeling about 2014 even after getting the news of my cancer. Hope my feeling is right. Take good care of yourself.

Mary Dorness
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