Anxious about pain in jaw - anyone with similar experience?

Anxious about pain in jaw - anyone with similar experience?

Postby Williamhawk » Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:29 am

I decided to post here to ease my anxiety about my symptoms - and ask for advice on what to think/do.
I already made the mistake of going on the internet about my symptoms, which freaked me out, so now trying to find ways of calming myself, whilst waiting for something to happen.
I'll start with saying that I have a weird smell coming and going in my nose, it smells like dust and I've had it for 6-8 months now. No sinus problems otherwise and no significant headaches or anything related in the past 6-8 months...
Then it all started with a cough and on and off sore throat mainly on the left side about 6-8 weeks ago. Then a week later I went through a very stressful period (not sure it's relevant or not) and developed loaads of painful little sores all over my tongue and mouth. They just kept coming out, going away, coming out again. Then that settled, and I started to feel pressure in my left ear, sore throat on left kept creeping back, cough still on. No stuffy nose, no fever, a couple of swollen lymph nodes on the left, not massive, just persistent...
About two weeks ago I started to feel like there is something in my throat on the left, as if I had a swollen tonsil (and my left tonsil is slightly larger than the right but doesn't look inflamed) and on and off started having pains under my jaw - again on the left. After prodding around a bit, I found that under my tongue on the left there is a bit of swelling and pressing down on it really hurts. Now there is a constant feeling of pressure, like something is pushing on my left ear/throat/jaw and headaches around my left temple/forehead.
I have been to the Gp about 3-4 times already, of course as I mentioned the strange smell and cough and ear pressure, he is treating me for sinus infection. He is ignoring all my other symptoms. Two days ago he gave me antibiotics, still convinced of a sinus infection causing all this mysery.
BUT if it was an infection spreading onto my throat/ear/glands, shouldn't it feel warm, shouldn't I have fever and other signs of infection? And shouldn't a salivary gland infection hurt more when I eat? I don't have those symptoms and the GP completely ignores my complaints about swollen glands under tongue/throat.
I feel I really need to be seen by an ENT specialist, but how do I get there? Should I wait another 4-5 days until the gp is satisfied that the antibiotics won't solve the problem? Can anybody give me an idea if this could really be just an infection presenting this way, or am I right to worry?

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