Mesogold for ADHD also enables speech.

Mesogold for ADHD also enables speech.

Postby awed_one » Sun May 14, 2006 11:12 am

My son and his wife adopted three Native American children. The 2 youngest, Devin and Ashley, were diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum. They both have chromosomal damage that affects speech. Devin was about 5 years old and could only speak a few single words. He used some sign language to supplement his inability to talk. Devin was also diagnosed with ADHD and placed on Ritalin. When I saw what Ritalin did to him and read about children dying from it, I insisted that he be taken off of it. His mother told me that the doctor detected a heart murmur at his last checkup. I read that Mesogold worked for ADHD. Without any doctor consultation, we gradually stopped the Ritalin and placed him on 2 teaspoons of Mesogold a day. Not only did it help his ADHD, but he began to talk. In a very short time he was talking full multiple sentences. His mother says he sometimes even talks in his sleep. Ashley is 2 years younger than Devin. She could only make a sound like uh, uh, to get our attention. With Mesogold, she is also talking. What a miracle for our families.
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