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I have dry eye syndrome, my eyes don't make enough tears and therefore am very prone to infections. In the past, I've had to see the doctor and get a steroid/antibiotic Rx every time I got an infection, which was often. (And expensive) My dad told me about MesoSilver when I thought I had another infection and I tried a drop of his in my eyes. All I can say is WOW!! :D I am open to alternative medicine but I never imagined this could be so incredible. My pain was gone instantly and just one drop cleared up my eyes for weeks! No more reddness, nothing.
Now, I use it on a regular basis in my eyes when they feel scratchy and irritated and I couldn't be happier that I know about this little secret called MesoSilver. I haven't had an infection or gone to the doctor since I started using it.
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also dry eye diagnosis

Postby wshdls1 » Sat Jan 21, 2006 5:53 pm

I was diagnosed with dry eye syndrome over a year ago, but since my condition developed almost overnight with floaters, I have been sceptical of the official explanation.
I first started using mesosilver three days ago. I sparayed it into my sinuses, and it seems a chronic sinus infection is being destroyed.
Anyway, as it relates to my eyes, after discovering that there are several causes of floaters other than the age-related degeneration of the vitreous (sinus infection spread, antibiotic use, red blood cells, white blood cells, calcium soaps), I decided to spray it into my always-red eyes. They lost almost all redness within ten minutes, and haven't looked this good in months! They also do not itch anymore.
I'm hoping that the floaters are an inflammatory reaction to the nearby infection in my sinuses, and that as it is cleared up, they will subside, too.
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