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I expected to find this topic on the colloidal silver forum for sure.

These skin mites are on everyone, particularly in the eyelashes at first. They are not visible to the naked eye, but can barely be seen with a 20x magnifying mirror and flashlight. Also using a "black light" flashlight (see for these tools), you can see the white, layer of secretions they deposit on the face which does not wash off with soap, water and scrubbing.

Our immune system keeps them in check but in times of great stress the immune system is compromised which leaves an opportunity for these mites to flourish and cause symptoms which mimic Cystic Acne, blehparitits (red, itchy eyes), misdirected growth and thinning of eyelashes and eyebrows, loss of hair & scalp itchiness, thickening and pitting skin of the nose (especially in men, but women also in later stages.)

Eventually, they invade the nose and sinuses and mouth causing frequent coughing and attempts to clear the throat.

I've recently seen testimonials on on how well colloidal silver works to kill and control the Demodex mites for people with the above symptoms. All of them have seen multiple doctors and specialists who treat them as if they are insane or at best give them prescriptions for the usual meds for skin disorders, which don't work at all. (Do a search for "Demodex" and/or colloidal silver)

So yesterday I ordered (from all of the colloidal silver products for treating the above symptoms and I'll post my results here frequently. I truely believe this is the answer because of all I've read and seen on Demodex and colloidal silver testimonials.

Now what I'm looking for is information on "Safe Dosage" and the best methods of application. I'll try applying to my face with cotton balls as I saw mention on this forum, instead of just spraying. Any other suggestions are most welcome.
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