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I just felt compelled to leave a message concerning my recent experience with Mesosilver. I am an Emergency Dept. RN. I began having problems with Bronchitis, which over timed turned into Pneumonia. Because I work with many physicians, I approached one for a prescription for an antibiotic. I was coughing up very thick, tenacious green sputum. I was having a hard time catching my breath. I was given "The Best"--Levaquin 500mg daily for 10 days. Also, I was given an albuterol inhaler to use 4 times per day. After one week, I was still not feeling any better and approached another MD friend who told me it was probably viral pneumonia and would take 4-6 weeks to recover. Having a lot of time on my hands, out fo boredom I did a google search and saw one concerning pneumonia. I figured it was another "miracle cure" website and wanted to be able to quickly shoot it down. After reading the information, I came across and entry concerning burns. We see them often in the emergency room. We use Silvadene Cream on burns to prevent bacteria from entering it. Then something went click in my head. I thought to myself--silver....what the hay! I will try it. I am happy to report that after using Mesosilver ONE day, I am feeling 80% better. ONE DAY! I will post again in the next few days to follow up, but I am already feeling better. My lungs are opening up, my sinuses are clearing. I am using the Mesosilver nebulizer. IT'S AWESOME! For my sinuses, I actually "snorted" the liquid and it is busting up the congestion there as well. If you think I am just someone who is placing this note for this company, you are dead wrong. I am an average joe off the street, who happens to be an ER Nurse with approximately 10 years nursing experience. I am also telling you that this product works. My email is If you have questions, I will try to answer them for you. Please title the email subject as MESOSILVER, because I get a lot of junk emails and don't want to delete it. I called the company and spoke with Frank. Thanks again Frank!!!!!! Most sincerely yours, Hal W Clayton, RN BSN.
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