Post Anesthesia Pneumonia

Post Anesthesia Pneumonia

Postby drbillpmt » Thu Apr 29, 2004 12:43 pm

During January of 2004, I had a general anesthetic for a surgical procedure. As I am 73 years old, I must be careful of pneumonia following a general anesthetic. Wen home from the hospital about 5:00 PM and went to bed and slept. Woke up at 10:00 PM coughing and feverish. Pnumonia had started and had a good foothold.

Went to my laboratory (100 feet from the house) and sat at my desk. I ingested, orally, 10ounce of MesoSilver every 45 minutes. By 3:00 AM, no cough, no cough product if I forced a cough, and the fever was gone. Went in to bed and awoke about 10:00 AM feeling perfectly well.

Normally, the Pneumonia would have taken several days to run its course, treated with antibiotics, but the MesoSilver killed it in a few hours.

Dr. Bill Biagioli
Florence, SC
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