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I am in the process of putting together my "Bird Flu" supplies and I ran across a posting about using colloidal silver in a nebulizer to deal with the secondary bacterial pnemonia that has been killing people. Does anyone know if this is safe or have any information about it? Is a nebulizer nore effective than putting it under the tounge? It seems that it would certainly bee more direct into the lungs but I need more information.
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Harmless and effective

Postby jonathanseas » Fri May 23, 2008 2:30 am

Research at the University of Texas proves that this type of colloidal silver is only harmful to microorganisms. You're essentially inhaling 10 part silver to one million parts water-it's like inhaling distilled water that happens to be deadly to pathogens.

Personally, I've used it at the first indication of any kind of respiratory infection. I put about one quarter teaspoon into the Omron nebulizer, an inhale it for five minutes. I consistently found that doing this several times a day prevents the infection from ever getting a foothold in my lungs. What would've turned into a full-blown respiratory infection never gets beyond a few sniffles.

the only time in the past several years that I've contracted any kind of infection was in when my girlfriend had severe flu and I fooled around with her, essentially ignoring it. I thought I was immune! Well, I wasn't-but even then the flulike infection was far more mild than in her case and mine was gone in just three days.

By the way, I'm 54 years old and have a history of respiratory infections for most of my life, including some that were life-threatening. the difference thanks to this particular kind of colloidal silver is quite remarkable. I recommend it to all my friends.
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