Flu Syptoms Eliminated by Colloidal Silver - Record Here

Flu Syptoms Eliminated by Colloidal Silver - Record Here

Postby MDelay » Fri Mar 24, 2006 9:02 pm

I'd like to encourage people to keep a record of their CS dosage, temperature, and symptoms as they treat themselves - and then post their results here. Here is my record and experience (first time using colloidal silver):

Friday night (in December)
5:00 pm Symptoms: Rapid onset (in <2 hours) developed fever, chills, body aches. Probably flu.
7:00 pm - temp 102.4
9:00 pm - temp 102.8
9:00 pm - 1 tsp Mesosilver (under tongue 2mins)
9:45 pm - temp 101.5
10:30 pm - temp 99.6 chills fading, body aches still prevelant.
12:00 am (midnight) - 1 tsp Mesosilver. Went to bed.
7:00 am - temp 100.3 chills gone / body aches gone. Feeling MUCH MUCH better compared to when I went to bed. Took 1 more tsp.
10:00 am - temp 99.3 / 1 tsp
1:00 pm - temp 98.9 / 1 tsp
4:00 pm - temp 98.7 / 1 tsp. - felt 100% better! All the aches and chills were completely gone.

In less than 18 hours Mesosilver completely cured me of what I believe was the flu. Furthermore, 2 people at work had had flu within last two weeks. I've had the flu 4 or 5 times in the past and the symptoms were unmistakable. Personally I couldn't believe it had worked. It was the first time I ever tried colloidal silver and I had my doubts - but this made me a believer.

Footnote - I think it is important to take the CS under the tongue (let sit for 2 mins - to allow for absorption) if taking shortly after a meal. Otherwise - swallowing is ok on an empty stomach.

ALSO In my opinion - 1 tsp doses of Mesosilver are adequate at 3 to 4 hour intervals.

Subsequent to this episode we have successfully treated my eight year old daughter for similar flu sypmtoms (with similar rapid results) and an ear infection so bad that she was crying her eyes out. After 2 doses in the evening - she woke up with only mild ear pain. A couple doses later - by noon she was perfectly fine. It was amazing.

We also have an 11yo who was complaining about a raw, scratchy throat, running a fever of 100.5, w/ headache, and felt absolutely horrible. We guessed it was strep - based on past experience - started her on CS and 5 doses later she was fine. She had been in tears too. Again - Amazing.

I know this is all anecdotal evidence. All I can tell you is that in my honest opinion CS really works - particularly Mesosilver - I believe it is probably due to the super small particles.

I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have. I'm not a doctor or anything, so I can't give medical advice, but only give you my opinion based on first hand experience using colloidal silver - but dont hesitate to send me an e-mail any time. I'm more than happy to help spread the word about CS and how it works. It really is amazing.

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second experience w/CS

Postby MDelay » Thu Nov 02, 2006 6:42 am

I'm not sure exactly what I had here (cold/flu???), but here is my experience:

Monday am - stuffy nose, runny nose, coughs - funky feeling.
Monday pm - aches and pains beginning - onset slow. took multi-vitamin.
by 5pm - chills and aches worsening.
5:15 pm - temp 101.5 - took one teaspoon CS under tongue.
6:15 pm - temp 100.2 - feeling a little better - aches and pains still present.
(at this time - I debated whether to really test the CS or not - go off it until morning. I did.) Felt basically CRUMMY until bedtime.
9:30 - temp 100.8
10:30 - temp 101.0 - went to bed.
7:30 am Tuesday - awoke. temp 102.6 - extremely sick - headache, aches, chills, nauseous, weak. Took 1 tsp (swallowed) went back to sleep.
11:30 am - temp 101.8 - fever subsiding - still feel like crud. Took 1 tsp under tongue after eating apple.
2:00 pm - temp 100.4 - feeling much better. Aches and pains subsiding. Took one tsp under tongue.
4:00 pm - temp 99.5. feel about 80% of my normal self. - OUT of CS.

With my last dose at 2 pm and out of CS - I'm worried about relapsing, but hope for the best. went to bed around 11pm

7:00 am Wednesday - awake with temp 101.6 - aches and chills back again. (8:00 am drive 30 min to mom's house to get a bottle of CS from her) - but not as bad as yesterday.
8:30 am - two* tsps under tongue for 2 minutes. (ate b-fast too)
9:30 am - temp 100.7
10:30 am - two* tsps awallowed - temp 100.0
11:30 am - temp 99.2 - feeling much much better.
12:30 pm - one tsp under tongue - temp 98.5.
1:00pm - temp 98.5
2:00 pm - one tsp CS swallowed. By this point all of my symptomsa have subsided and I feel groggy but almost 100% again.
4:00 pm - last dose 1 tsp under tongue. feel about 95% now.

This was another incredible experience using CS - *I think the dosage can make a huge difference (as when I took 2 tsps Wed am) and also - keeping the intervals at 2 hrs consistently.

I should note - I took no other OTC or prescription drugs except for two excedrin on Tuesday am to cure my headache. Once again CS has proven extremely effective. If I had not run out of CS on Tues and kept up the doseage - I'm almost certain I would been back to normal by Tues evening.

Lesson learned: keep plenty of CS on hand at all times and use it! Keep the silver level in the bloodstream high enough to kill off the virus.
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Strep: Colloidal Silver vs. Emergency Room Visit

Postby Karen » Sun Nov 05, 2006 12:53 pm

I too find colloidal silver to be just plain amazing -- and I've been using it on various illnesses over the past several years.

My oldest son is also a strong advocate for the silver. His bride-to-be recently had severe strep throat while they were on vacation in another state. Wouldn't you know it, they had forgotten the colloidal silver back at home. She ended up in the emergency room and they spent $200.00 between the hospital, the penicillin shot, and the liquid medication to numb her throat pain. Well, the pain was still with her when they came home a few days later. After taking the first dose of silver, she said her throat felt so much better. She stopped taking the hospital's medicine and finished off the strep with several more doses of colloidal silver. I'm betting the silver will be the first thing they pack next time they head out on vacation.

Are we believers in colloidal silver? You bet we are! And we tell everyone who'll listen to us about it. You can take my car, my dog, all of my belongings, but don't mess with my colloidal silver.

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Postby Frank Calvin » Wed Jan 17, 2007 12:50 pm

I started with meso silver about 3 weeks ago. On Saturday afternoon last, I got very fatigued, eyeballs ached when looking out of the corner of the eyes, looking up or down and thought, well here comes the flu bug. About 6 hours later I began to feel better the eyes were not aching as bad but I was still tired, (That was a first for me, to be sure) Before going to bed I took 2 teaspoons of CS, I usually took 1, slept all night and Sunday I was feel much better but not 100 %. By Monday I was back. Three things I will try to never change:
1. keep my body alkaline www.thepaleodiet.com
2. consume food grade h202. Do a search and see what is out there.
3. consume meso silver @ 1 teaspoon aday.

I have started the mesogold but the jury is still out on that but there is a sense of a better well being. Can't quite put my finger on it.
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