Sore Throats are a thing of the past.

Sore Throats are a thing of the past.

Postby av92 » Mon May 09, 2005 1:48 pm

Among colds, This stuff wipes out sore throats quite FAST!!! I was always being prescribed antibiotics every time I had a cold and after sometimes several weeks of being sick, you start to feel like there is no hope to get rid of this cold. I used Meso Silver with the nebulizer and the cold started to dissipate within hours. Sore throat?? Gargled with Silver and 2 days later GONE!! This is a very powerful mineral and tastes like water, but ohh how effective it is.. Sure the government wants the info removed, they cant regulate something over the counter. Nothing in it for them. If anyone out there has doubts, DON'T fear.. THIS STUFF WORKS!!! IT WILL NOT HARM YOU IN ANY WAY.... It is worth it's weight in silver :o Take this and start feeling better again.
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