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I have a 14 month old with a terrible cough. I am wondering if the mesosilver is a better idea for him than Albuterol. Which I really don't want to give him. Is the a dosage chart anywhere? I am wondering how much to give him and how often. And is it save for someone under 2?
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Re: Cough

Postby SilverSurfer » Mon Apr 18, 2011 11:34 am

Based on my experience, I would stick with traditional medicine until he is at least 5. Otherwise consult your local pediatrician. mesosilver has been used in youth before without much documented side effects, but it is my personal opinion that up until a certain age a young child should be given a physicians care. I am one of the biggest advocates for colloids you will find, but not in this instance.
I have experience with colloids, please feel free to ask questions
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