Home made C.S.

Home made C.S.

Postby Steve » Sat Sep 22, 2007 1:25 pm

Hello everyone,

I joined this forum after reading many great testimonials about C.S. & thought that I might chime in!

I believe C.S. to be the most amazing product ever & have had several great results. Not only do I make it but I also make a gell out of it. Some very funky things have happened after gel applications - 2 upcoming cold sores gone after one application morning & night for 2 different people, whereas previously they'd stay for weeks before going away. Skin cancers, as well have almost gone. Put some on a particularly nasty itchy grub sting & the pain & welts disappeared quickly with no more pain.

I take CS & also use some in a spray bottle to combat colds & flus & haven't had one since starting, even though there's been a particularly virulent strain going around this year. Sprayed some in a moldy smelling school bag (if you've got school aged kids you know about this!!) & within minutes the smell was gone - this one blew my family outa the water!! I have also given the product to sick friends who say that after taking a little they feel more alert & more switched on - this is fairly common as I, too felt this way.

I build my own C.S. probably the fairly traditional way with 2 pure silver rods, and demin'd water etc etc (you know the rest). As you've read I've had great success, but I'd love to give Meso a shot. Where's the best place to but it from in Australia, anyone know? Preferably Queensland!

Thanks to all,

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Home made is Ionic Silver

Postby eagle » Sat Sep 22, 2007 2:29 pm

Home brewed 'colloidal silver' is actually ionic silver because the electrolysis process that is used to make it typically produces 90% ionic silver and only 10% colloidal silver particles.

For detailed information on ionic silver, see:

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