Lyme Disease Protocol and Case Studies

Lyme Disease Protocol and Case Studies

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Here are case studies using Mesosilver for lyme disease.

The dosage is two ounces of Mesosilver taken 4 times a day on an empty stomach (before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime). Take at least 15 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. Expect to take this dosage for 3 months.

Lyme Case Studies

Here are Case Studies submitted by various medical professionals using MesoSilver in the treatment of Lyme Disease, and other maladies, in their patients. The Case Studies here represent a small sampling of the stories that fill our e-mail inbox on a daily basis, but hopefully they will provide some reassurance that even members of the medical community are shocked by the documented effectiveness of MesoSilver.

Case Study #1:

Diagnosis: 50 year old female with severe psychological symptoms of disorientation, confusion, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar depression, paranoia, and word confusion. Had been on 6 months of multiple antibiotics without benefit. Had been treated with Depakote, Zyprexia, Zelnorm, and Cogentin with little benefits in mental status. She began MesoSilver in mid January, 2007, at 2 oz four times daily. She returned after two months, mania better, mental abilities all improved, obsessive compulsive disorder better, paranoia resolved, mild depression and only psychiatric medications were the Zyprexia. Initial borrelia test was with QRIB and titer was 1:64, Western Blots were negative. Follow-up Flow Cytometry noted that she was now 0.02% or negative for borrelia within the blood stream.
Conclusion: 6 months of antibiotics had no impact on psychiatric symptoms, whereas 2 months of MesoSilver 2 oz 4 times daily has shown marked improvement, and her tests are now negative for borrelia within the blood stream.

Case Study #2:

Diagnosis: 73 year old male suffered a tick bite in August, 2006. Complained of immediate exhaustion, insomnia, depression, joint and muscle pains, and ringing in ears. Began MesoSilver 2 ounces four times daily on October 13, 2006. After one week, patient indicated that his joint pain was 80% better, and he had increased activity levels. After two weeks, he slept for 8 hours straight for the first time in years, his fatigue was better, his memory/attention deficit was better, but the ringing in his ears was unchanged.
Conclusion: Initial QRIB was 1:64. The follow-up Flow Cytometry was < 0.01%, undetectable after 2 months of MesoSilver at 8 ounces per day, and then 1-2 ounces per day during January, February and March, 2007, with no new symptoms, and with the abatement of the initial symptoms.

Case Study #3:

Diagnosis: 54 year old female diagnosed with Lyme Disease in December, 2005, with QRIB test of 1:128 (highest level). Long history of chronic fatigue, as well as migratory muscle and joint pain. Multiple rounds of antibiotics since 2005 with little response. Persistent fatigue led to introversion, and antibiotics made fatigue worse. QRIB testing every six months went unchanged at 1:128. October 15, 2006, began MesoSilver at 2 ounces four times daily. Patient suffered immediate Herxheimer. Continued MesoSilver for three months, symptoms improved with less muscle and joint pains, fatigue, mental difficulty, and less disorientation. Stopped MesoSilver January 15, 2007. Aching and fatigue returned. Most recent Flow Cytometry test is 0.00%, negative for the presence of borrelia within the blood stream.

Case Study #4:

Diagnosis: 55 year old female diagnosed with painful fatigue in 1970, which has continued and increased over past 37 years. Symptoms involving musculoskeletal, neurologic, mental, psychological, central nervous system, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, and general well being. Diagnosed with Paroxysmal Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome - Dysautonomia. QRIB test at 1:128 (highest level). Began MesoSilver 2 oz 4 times daily November 2006. Mental function improved, joint and muscle pains intermittent, and Flow Cytometry test is 0.01%, undetectable borrelia within the blood stream.

Case Study #5:

Diagnosis: 43 year old male diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis March 2005, wheelchair bound past 15 months. Only able to walk with assistance 4-5 steps, poor speech, respiratory distress with oxygen saturation 90%, recurrent pulmonary infections, feeding tube, depressed. Diagnosed with highest Flow Cytometry November 2006. Began MesoSilver 2 oz 4 times daily for next two months. Decreased muscle spasm, increased muscle tone, exygen saturation now 95%, no drooling, no respiratory infections, increased balance. January 15, 2007, walked 18 steps with minimal assistance, improved speech/occupational/physical therapy evaluations. January 15th switched MesoSilver to Rocephin 1 gram IM 5 days/week for next 2 months. Improvement in symptoms has slowed, speech therapy plateaued, still improving with walking 30 feet. Flow Cytometry test < 0.01%, undetectable borrelia within the blood stream. Marked improvement first two months on MesoSilver, still evaluating best treatment modality.

Case Study #6:

Diagnosis: 56 year old female, ruptured silicone implants in 2006 with increase in symptoms of fatigue, chills, hot/cold spells, imbalance, difficulty maintaining attention. Tested convalescent Epstein Barr. History included over 100 symptoms consistent with Lyme Disease. Began MesoSilver 4/10/07 at 1 TBS 4 times daily. Herxheimer reaction, then moved to 2-3-4 TBS 4 times daily. Dimished imbalance, increased energy, tingling in toes and fingers remains. Pain was 10/10, now 6/10. Mental clarity has returned and patient wants to return to work. Flow Cytometry 0.02% negative, but still clinically positive for Lyme Disease.
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